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Growing Wild Flowers

Growing native wild flowers is one of the best things you can do to support our pollinators. Unfortunately, many of the colourful bedding plants on sale in garden centres are useless to bees and butterflies. They have been over-bred to look attractive and as a result, have either lost the ability to produce pollen or it is too difficult for insects to access.


You don't need a big garden to help pollinators, you can plant your seeds in pots or window boxes - you could even do some guerilla gardening and scatter them in a public space! When lots of people plant nectar rich flowers, 'wildlife corridors' are created accross urban environments, allowing insects to move around easily.


How to use your free wild flower seeds:


- Create a patch of bare earth or fill pots with peat free compost

- Scatter seeds

- Rake in or cover with fine layer of compost

- Water well


The best time to plant wildflower seeds is in autumn (for growth the following year) or spring.


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